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NASCAR star JJ Yeley meets the Hexican community in Las Vegas

There is one special crypto coin called HEX. This coin is not like any other coin because its community is not like any other crypto community.

They call themselves HEXicans and organize tons of meetups and other extraordinary events. My girlfriend and me travelled 6 months with them and photographed everything, every day.


In this photo we arrived after 18.000 miles in Las Vegas, having a great time with our sponsored NASCAR pilot JJ Yeley.

Thanks to the KSB.TV documentary producer and good friend Ricky Shay the HEX community gave away $ 300.000K to sponsor HEX first NASCAR team - within 6 days.

Cheers to this community!

See thousands of HEX Photos from Las Vegas and USA-wide on WWW.HEX.PHOTOS.

HEX.PHOTOS is our part to give back to the community and people we started loving and that become very good friends.

HEX stands for delay gratification, excluding the corrupt middleman (like central banks) and for freedom of speech on a blockchain.

HEX.COM - Fix the money fix the world.

No financial advice and do your own research ;)

- Pascal Glang / HEXphotographer

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