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Tech-Alley and the fastest growing economy in the USA - Las Vegas.

2022/07/16 - Photo Blog

Nevada's economy has grown the fastest of all US states since 1963, in no small part due to Las Vegas real-estate and casino boom during the last years.

We can see this since we visited Las Vegas the first time in 2022.

We're happy to be part of the Tech-Alley meet-up in the art district of the town. There are amazing start-ups and entrepreneurs from the tech, crypto and NFT areas. Be part of that and check out the next events here. Or take it to the limit and come visit all of us at the 3 days PulseCon2022 in the Resort World in Las Vegas - Get 15% off by using "HEXPHOTOS" when booking your ticket.

If you are also a Vegas start-up or business owner and you are looking for the right content to produce, leave us a message over our contact section.


-Pascal / HEXPhotographer

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